The Day The Fox Left Me -Guest Post

This week’s blog entry is submitted by Bob Culbertson. Bob is a long-time member of our programs with a great insight into both security and computer issues in general.

This article deals with instabilities in FireFox when you surf. Read and see if this solution is what you need.

The Day The Fox Left Me!

What to do in the event of a crash. (No in this case you do not call for an ambulance).  Software crashes require you to perform a bit of investigation into why the problem occurred in the first place.

Investigative steps:
1. Scan for viruses, malware, spyware using your anti virus system.
Not to scare you but you can receive harmful bits of information from surfing, from your inbox, etc. If anything is found make sure you remove it.
2. Uninstall firefox and do a registry scan to make sure there are no traces of the software left in the registry.
3. Shut down and reboot your computer using the start button on your desktop not the start button on the computer. Using the start button on your desktop will properly save your information.

After your computer is back up and running go to and download the browser software. This is where I had a problem because I was getting the following message after installing FF.

“Platform version “5.0” is not compatible with

I contacted firefox support Live Chat.

After several minutes of determining how I installed firefox, the support member suggested a clean install.

Rename the install folder or install in a different folder.
To find the install folder right click on the computer  icon and click on properties. click on programs, this lists the  programs installed on your computer.

Find the Mozilla Firefox folder and rename it Old Firefox. Renaming the folder will eliminate the         chance that it was a corrupt file.
Try to open FF in Safe Mode using these steps:
Start Firefox    in Safe Mode by following the instructions at
To open profile manager follow these steps: Start Profile Manager
by following the steps at

After performing the above steps and still getting the same error message the support agent decided that maybe it might have been that I had downloaded a corrupt file. He gave me another link to try insalling FF.

After installing from the above link I was able to again start using firefox.

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2 Responses to The Day The Fox Left Me -Guest Post

  1. Thanks Bob! I highlighted your information, copied it and
    pasted it into a Notepad and saved it in my FireFox folder.
    Made sure it was in Unicode, don’t know if I needed to or
    not? 🙂

  2. Thanks Pat, I hope this information was usefull.

    Since I wrote this article I have found that the issue is not with FF but with our firewall and antivirus software, in my case Zone Alarm.

    have a wonderful and safe Internet experience.


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