How to Exchange Poor Results For Better Traffic

Tuesdays’s newsletter highlighted some of the issues of good traffic for your campaigns. This blog entry will talk a bit more on how to exchange poor results for better traffic.  It really does all begin with your actions.

A major issue is a misunderstanding of how you need to be using Traffic Exchanges [TEs] to promote your offers.

Surfing 30 per day EVERY day would result in 900 views per month for ONE campaign. Most people use the full three or more campaigns  depending on their membership level.

Let me say right here and now, I am not a believer in 30 sites viewed per day getting you anywhere but if time is your enemy and that is what you have to surf then let’s see how we can make the best of it.

The average TE flow is approximately 18 views per day per campaign.  Let’s say 20 to make your math a wee bit easier. [Mine too lol]. So you have THREE campaigns, each being seen 20 times per day. That Totals 60 views right there.

So if all you surf is 30 sites period per day, that leaves two of your needed campaigns not gettiing full exposure. Sixty from 30 sort of comes out MINUS THIRTY needed views.

Some Simple Solutions

Chunk your available time so you surf 30 sites per schedule three times during the day.

Only promote ONE program per TE and remember if you do promote a full THREE, you need to increase your surfing as per the first solution.

Promote the TEs you use. You cannot surf 100 TEs and do any of them any justice anymore that you can surf 25 to 30 TEs per day UNLESS you are surf brained.  Choose a solid 10 to 12 TEs to both surf, promote and enter your THREE max campaigns. Create a schedule to make sure these TEs all get the full balanced exposure.

Make promoting of the TEs you choose priority one. The more downline you build up that is active, the less you have to worry about  making your daily surf totals. Teach them to duplicate your actions and everyone breathes easier with more earned downline traffic.

Part of being a serious marketer bound for good results, is you need to be organized. That begins with the time you have and the checklists you learn to make and follow in how you best use that time.

There is no better way to exchange poor results for better traffic.

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