Sponsorship Tips And Squeaks

The way most of us sponsor is full of squeaks. Little things that barely cut the value of people having signed up to that enchanting splash page.

What if you changed your advertising for new leads to something with a bit of teeth that shows what you can really do?

For example. Knowing the difference betweem MLM and Direct Marketing would be a big time help in being able to reach a specific target market.

BOTH need leads. BOTH need traffic in order to get those leads but one will buy traffic and the other will buy leads with no time to waste surfing.

Do you know the tools available to you to feed either or both of these markets?

Here is one thought that might provide a solution to both.

What if your advertising was selective? That is, you are not only looking for live subscribers with real motivation but  eager marketers who are willing to duplicate what you can teach them.

Being active on the net, with the intent to create income, is all about advertising. That is, put the dollar first and you lose. Put the client first and you win because dollars follow success.

What is important to the client/subscriber is that you are able to prove a simple system that will result in simple duplication that offers success to all participants.

Ready to try a simple test?

To begin with, you find say as little as THREE eager marketers. Then you work with each one to get them THREE eager marketers.

It does not matter what the program or business is. That is your choice.  Just find three new people eager to test it out with you.

What you are proving is two-fold.
1. You can find more than one eager marketer
2. Your method is simple enough each one that joins you
feels they can do the same with your help.

Trust and credibility come through successful desired actions.

You start the ball rolling doing this test and it will snowball beyond any comprehension you may have at this moment.

This is one way you can build your list, your downline, your income producers, your future upgraded conversions, all based on a simple three person strategy.

The role of sponsor is more than advertising for subscribers.

It is all about teaching the system, the structure, the strategy,  the model, that shows those willing to follow you  how to do exactly the same.

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