Why Me – Why Budget?

“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.” ~~ George W. Bush

All my life, the things I really wanted, had to be budgeted. From my early years, I learned from my Dad and Mom the power of the dollar. It wasn’t worth much more in buying power back then than it is now.

You owed your soul to a  grocery store that allowed you to spend on the food staples your family needed and come pay day, the money went first to pay them for services rendered.

It is much like that scenario, building an online business.  You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere, whether today or tomorrow, will be a web site.

A website is the HOME of your business, the HUB that generates customer
interest to buy or to share or to join whatever it is you have to offer.

You need to budget for yearly domain renewals, monthly hosting costs, extra bandwidth and size as your business grows.

Starting small is the norm. It is easier to grow into something that is manageable.  Especially when you find out the traffic to your web site might also affect the ISP package you have.

Budgeting for customers who may be downloading from your site that can cause extra charges from your ISP, is another must. That is your monthly budget to carry the items that will cost you to perform business on line. There are more but those depend on how much larger your business is then we are discussing here.

Income vs outgo decides profit.

Once you know your start up costs, then it is time to strategize on how you will create steady income to cover those costs.  This is where most newcomers to internet business  fall flat and end up leaving rather than performing positive building  actions.

A dollar out means you need to find a way to create two dollars in. The idea of two for one, gives you some play in covering unexpected costs. It also projects a possible profit for you each month that relates in a commisison check.

Example:  I join 10khits4unow in order to create lead generation to help
build my downline and my list.

In order to create a commission check, I need to choose an upgrade level.
Then I need to set up an advertising strategy to bring in new subscribers to
my downline and get them on my list.   That way the company continues to
grow, my sites are being seen AND I am working for ME in building my list.

Why not use the RSS feed and keep an eye out for the next steps on how to
create working strategies.

Post your comments on this blog entry and any experiences good or bad you have had with budgeting. IF your comment is relative, you can also post a link back to your site.

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