A Cheeky Critter With Lots To Say

Jitters moves within the crowds quite easily. Gaily shaking his cheeky bottom and giving a cute wink.  Inviting all to take a cool look at what the new and upgraded Clickaholics [CAH] has to offer.

This round Jitters expounds on the state of the art downline builder that allows  you  to add your choice of programs to it.

There is lots more to Clickaholics

Logging in, you won’t be disappointed.  Right off the bat, check the credits, banner or text impressions that greet you.

There is a daily newsletter to keep you on track as to what is going on in CAH. Sort of like the meeting tonight that leveraged all who attended with the ‘how to” workings of the downline builder.

I’m sure for many of you, being able to add a program or two, depending on your membership level in other TEs or programs you have to pay to use, it’s nothing new.

But this one is.

You get to fill in your choice of 10 banners.  Quite a catch for recommending your fav opportunities to a vast viewing audience.  More than that, the pleasure doubles and triples if you are in our  3-Step Simple Strategy groups.  There is nothing like taking ONE action that pays off in say three or even four other ways?

Now that is promoting to the nth degree. And it is all yours for being a sharp member of CAH.  Oh, and you know banners have a 2×1 click thru rate over splash pages huh?

Sooo many perks for being a pro-active member of CAH.  Let your downline people know what you are finding.  If they have been inactive then this will all be news to them.  News only you as their sponsor get to share with them.

Don’t forget to add us to your RSS feed, and come back often.  Maybe even leave  a comment?  Never know who will see it .  Branding yourself at every opportunity is a must online.

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  1. Avatar George Culp says:

    I love the new downline builder! It is so simple to add banners and your referral URL plus a short description – makes letting your downline team know your recommendations a snap!

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