Wheee I love a See-Saw Sometimes

Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation. ~~ Roger Staubach

The last few days I have been on a see-saw learning all about different programs we offer you in ViralHost. Most of them I am already quite familiar with but what is different about these, is they are updated applications, user intuitive and something you really need to be using.

1. Marquees. Most SEs hate them. So what? In the right places they can be fun additions to a web site.

We are running marquees now to test your interest in having one like it for your websites, or how about another form of advertising you can pay as you play for?  Have your say for they are coming.

2. Website Builder: Everybody has a page builder. Forget that noise. Eventually, those pages all end up looking alike. Interest wanes because page builders are not all that easy to use. What you need is either the company to produce them or somehow find one that allows you complete control over the looks, content and where it will reside.

You gotta test our Website builder!
New people who have an off line business, or are trying to put together an online business, need a web site. That means they need a way to get one without outsourcing or breaking the bank.  A Web Site builder that gives you 100s of choices of looks and colors. A WebSite Builder that you can build yourself within a few days max.  If you are at all familiar with wysiwyg editors, then this one is a breeze to have you up and running the same day.

ViralDomainNames.com will have you ready to roll with your choice of domain name, and ViralHost will provide you with the kind of hosting that fits your needs. With super support and a trained staff ready to help you get rolling, our website builder is the key.

No need to know HTML or any program language. And NO it is not an instant click deal. This is real. It sits on your domain, you control it. You decide on its looks, its content and is says you all over.

Oh and just in case it slipped your mind, if you already have hosting with ViralHost, then you already have the website builder so get ready to become a happy site builder.

3. Our Social Community is just about ready.
Today Mike and I had a great time looking it over and getting our feet wet testing the different parts that come with this cool community program.  Imagine a place to meet with other members of our programs.  Where you can post an article, talk to other members in the chat, and overall find solutions that currently bug you.

There are a ton of social communities out there.  You may even belong to many of them but this social community is centered on our programs, how to use them and always finding great people to help you when you need it.

There will be more next post. For now this is how I have spent my week so far.  Marketing is a forever learning experience and it can be a great deal of fun when you really don’t have to worry about being correct. Just jump in and go with the flow. We’ve got your back.

Till next time …

Your Editor & Mentor
Fran Klasinski

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  1. Avatar George Culp says:

    All it takes on your part is a little bit of action to learn how to use the website builder – go getr done!

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