Content Scrapers Are Losers

I’d rather be caught holding up a bank than stealing so much as a two-word phrase from another writer.  ~Jack Smith

A dozen and one times I have talked about and written how you need to type out your email addies so that ‘scrapers‘ do not pick you up and add you to their list of emails for sale.

Advertisers pay big money to get those scraped email addies.

What about Scraper Web Sites?

Scraped content is content taken from other sources, nothing is original save the name of the blog or site owner.

The blog world is famous for scraped content.

Panda Update
The Panda Update happened in the early summer of 2011.  What it boils down to is duplicate content and Google is still in the throes of making you pay for having a scraped site. If you have not read their Panda update then it is time to do so. If you exist on scraped content then get busy making big time changes.

If you lost your ranking since last summer, if your traffic flow has decreased, then now you possibly know the reason.

Why all the fuss? It’s simple. Google wants its search clients to get quality results.  You either have it to offer or you don’t.  So far Google has removed over 300,000 useless sites.

SEO Bad Tips
Perhaps one of your actions is to flood article directories with poorly written garbage just to get back links. How many of those ‘under the radar’ gurus sucked you into the scraped article content  mess to earn a fortune and turn you into an authority writer?

Can you spell loser? How long users of scraped content felt they could fool the masses is one thing in respect to transparency and totally another when it comes to fooling Search Engines like Google.

The day of reckoning will continue for tons of poorly written blogs and websites. If you are worried about your sites or blogs, then connect and let’s discuss your intentions past,  present and now that you know, the

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One Response to Content Scrapers Are Losers

  1. George Culp says:

    I am so glad to see Google make the algorithm updates regarding duplicate content.

    Maybe that will make the marketing of scraped content drop significantly.

    Thanks again Fran for the wonderful post.

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