Do Big Membership Numbers Suck You In

Big Membership Numbers tend to suck the eager traffic exchange surfer into thinking the traffic rewards will be greater than the sum of their time to surf.

What amazes me is that Traffic Exchanges [TEs] with high membership numbers keep on bringing in new blood so quickly while the little guy sits and wonders what is wrong with their exchange.

Nothing is wrong. Your exchange is going through growing pains, much like ours and for good reason. We keep our TEs cleaned of deadwood. Others use the big numbers to suck you in.

After all, they must be a great site, look at all the members! Their numbers are high, so that means more traffic?

Nice pipe dream. How many are inactive, how many good sites do you have to get through for your sites to be seen? What is their surf ratio?

Pac Man Eats Here
How many sites do you surf per day? How fast are those credits eaten up? ‘Eaten‘ may not be a good choice of words, unless your credits disappear as fast as you can earn them and have nada to show for them.

Now I am NOT talking about the 30 and 50 site surfer who thinks that should cover them. If a TE has 1000 URLs active in daily rotation and you surf 30 or 50 sites daily, how fast will your credits disappear?

What are your chances for building a reputation and sucking up those promised subscribers with low surfing numbers?

I think we all know, the average TE has a ton more than 1000 sites in daily rotation. So what is the best way to use your favorite TEs?

Stop Sign Warning!
There are several ways to make TEs pay off big time for you. STOP thinking direct conversions and income from them.

People look to the Internet to see if they can make an additional income. How you use your advertising will attract these people to your offers.

Increasing Exposure
Placing 15 different URLs all over the net, is all well and good. Surfing your nut off hoping it pays off is where you need to plant your feet a wee bit firmer.

There isn’t time for you to effectively run 15 different company URLs and do the right kind of follow up that spells profit. Nor is there enough time in your day to surf the amount of credits it would take to do this.

Back Up Your URL Exposure
You can buy credit packages. If time is really short, then do so. You need to be building a strong downline in the TEs in order to take off the surfing stress. Every person who actively surfs, earns you a 10% share.

While that may not sound like much off ONE person, when you multiply that by a steadily growing active downline, the numbers mean you get to spend more time on the marketing end.

Keep in mind, those strong active downlines are your hot lead potential for your back end products. It will be so much easier to get them on your lists if you take the lead by upgrading and showing them how to emulate your actions.

Feed Pac Man and create growth.
Now that you have decided what products or services you wish to promote [smart marketers promote what they know the majority cannot do without] increase the sign up potential by adding ONE banner and ONE text advert per URL you are promoting.

This golden tip can mean 30% or as much as 300% conversion ratios if you are promoting the right products and services. Your advertising strategy provides their much needed solution.

Their need becomes consistent profit for you.

Check out ALL 11 Different advertising ways each of our TES provide for successful promotions. Whether you need to make $100 per day or $300 per month to pay off a mortgage or car payment, or just to make ends meet, is up to you as to how fast you can make it happen.

What you have taken the time to read here, today, can get you on the fast track to getting all you want and more. The idea is, this is the knowledge, you need to provide the action.

We are here to help you if you need us. Connect with your sponsor or with a staff member and prepare to create new numbers that won’t suck you in.

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