Oh Heck Banned Again

Smart people recognize they have a problem then take action to improve future actions.

Getting BANNED for minor distractions like your mind on
other things when surfing, can be costly. You lose the credits you surfed for and any bonus credits as well.

If this has happened to you, failing to click on rotating
verification page FIVE times in a 24hr period, then you have an issue that needs correcting.

I have to say, I too have gone through the BANNED stage as I learned to keep my mind on my surfing. Especially once I realized just how often those pages came up.

Verification pages are the wave of the future as owners
battle to stop cheaters from robbing you. That means you
too are under the gun to click those pages.

Use the support system on front of home page to send in a
request to be reinstated.

Updated news
Have you noticed the Purrrfect host and email ad that runs below the verification of your credits? Click on it and check out ViralHost. It is the parent company of Clickaholics, 10khits4unow and 21stCenturySurf as well as a few more opportunities for you to create a healthy monthly income.

You didn’t have to take out hosting to join Clickaholics so take a minute and see what else it offers. You might be missing exactly what you need to double or even triple your J.O.B. current income levels.

Multiple Memberships
They are not allowed at penalty of losing your account
period. Normally we remove the first offense with a warning but if you are a repeat offender, you could be history.

Each membership allows you so many URLs you can enter.
You do not have to remove one URL in order to enter
another one unless you have more than the allotted amount
already in place.

Less is MORE
Learn when the best times are to surf. Your work schedules might leave you in a place where it is better to buy a credit package. There are some great ones offered all the time in your TOOLS area.Check them out.

Saturday & Sunday Conferences
Attend them to get a head start on what is new, what may be coming, new promo materials, and how to work your
programs for the best results.

Check the conference scheduler for the times and the link to the conference room. It is listed at the bottom of the news letters in your back office as well as here.

What do you prefer to be? An affiliate with no overhead
worries and just bring in the sales? Or are you interested in becoming a business owner where you collect 100% of all income? In both cases, there is a learning curve we can help you overcome. Connect and let’s see where you are and how to get where you want to be.

Your Editor …

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.

Admin/Owners: www.clickaholics.com
Mike Jeter – Telephone: NEW (877) 581-5335 Ext.1(EST)
Fran Klasinski – Telephone: 1-613-394-0868(EST)
George Culp – Telephone: 1-806-385-9108 (CST)
Sharon Ticknor – Telephone: 1- 905-685-3013 (EST)

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Wayne Owens

About Wayne Owens

I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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1 Response to Oh Heck Banned Again

  1. Avatar George Culp says:

    It is sad to see so many members getting banned for missing something so simple.

    Yet we are creatures of habit and reading emails about program changes are a nuisance, I guess. Because if they had read the admin emails, they would know about the change.

    And the fact the verification page does require you to answer before proceeding to the next surf site.

    And, worst of all, every time a person fails to answer the question, they automatically lose 100 credits!

    I have to work too hard to earn credits to be giving them away by being in too big of a hurry.

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