Mail Call Why Your URLs Fail

Clickaholics Jitter img How often do you check your email? Mail plays an important roll in creating the lifestyle you are looking for.

When I check accounts, I see that most members understand that a Traffic Exchange is all about promoting offers but that is where it ends. Lack of reading mail tells me why …

Many of the URLs fail to even reach other members.

  •     NOT approved.
  •     Insufficient credits for showing
  •     Wrong style page
  •     More …

The list can get very long. However, most of it could be prevented if you read your mail every day from ViralHost, or Admin or even your sponsor. Some sponsors do care.

Living on Ipads and smart phones
It is easy to become addicted to short cuts to online connections.  Nice to talk and message friends quickly while you are on the run. HOWEVER that smart phone short cut could be cutting your profits to zero.

Surfs Up so is frustration
I have a friend who keeps her surfing up while on the go, on her blackberry. She often complains it is slow tedious work. No doubt it is. very few web pages are responsive ~ designed to be viewed on a smart phone.  So who is going to bother scrolling? Just find the timers and move on.

Surfing needs to be done on a larger screen like a notebook or full computer screen. Then it moves faster because you can surf more than ONE Traffic Exchange at a time.

Staying Active
It is important to stay active in your programs you join. It is important to stay actively reading your email ~ EVERY day!

You can read more tips on how to use email for profits here:

Learn to group your mail. Each account has rules you can use to do this. then prioritize using the search function and you will always be in control of important mail.

You will find some resource links under the title Places to Learn Earn and Share, at the bottom of this post. You need to take full advantage of them for increased  results.

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