How Do You Spell CheckList?

successtargetFor me checklist spells Less time spent getting MORE done with LESS bother and no forgetting the important steps to getting the actions I am looking for.

Can you imagine a doctor performing an operation without their 19-point checklist? I doubt you would want to be the patient.

The Importance of a Checklist

Checklists are used everywhere to avoid errors. The truth is, our memory is limited. We can’t and don’t remember everything.

The “essentials” are the foundation of the whole project we are trying to get done. Thus you need to make sure your ‘essentials‘ are properly listed.


Do-Confirm – where you do the actions from memory then whoa back, stop take the checklist and confirm you did everything on it.

The READ-Do is the one we recommend you set up and work from until the good habits are formed. First, you read what you have to do. Then do the task and check it off as done.

Checklists should be considered a guideline to successful completion of a given task. They are NOT rigid steps which may or may not suit the project. Instead, they should be looked at as a fail safe way to ensure everything is as it should be.

Bottom line, good checklists are precise, efficient and above all practical. Remember, if checklists you design are not easy to use then you won’t use them.

Did you know the use of an effective checklist can increase productivity? If you procrastinate, using checklists will help ensure you do routine things completely and efficiently.

Share yours with your subscribers. Give them a head start on getting started. There is no time like the present to determine a valued start up.

Need a Real-time Checklist Example?

Go to the weekly scheduler and download the checklist there.
NO cost – just download it and use it as a guide for your check lists.

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10 Responses to How Do You Spell CheckList?

  1. Avatar George Culp says:

    That was a great analogy of a checklist – referring to the doctor performing
    an operation.

    Isn’t it time to start your daily checklist?

  2. Since I have starting using a checklist like Fran has mentioned above; my productive days have increased as so have the $$ that I earn each month.

    I am using just a short list – surfing, looking at ads, going thru my emails – no less than 5 different accounts.

    I do have to add to that list writing ads for banner, text, and splash/lead capture pages.

    So create that to increase your productivity, contacting people, building relationships, will build those much needed dollars – doesn’t that make cents??


    Chris Klasinski
    aka gnucanuck

  3. Fran Klasinski Fran Klasinski says:

    Love the grammar lol
    Some very good points there Chris.
    Good luck and stay with the checklists!

  4. Fran Klasinski Fran Klasinski says:

    loL You picked up the Dr’s
    19-point checklist pretty quick there.
    Next time I go see one for an operation, will
    ask them how close they follow their checklists BEFORE
    they get my approval to operate.

  5. I have been on the net now for over 7yrs. As a marketer online in order to become successful consistency is key. Things need to be done daily no matter what & it is impossible to remember all the details of each step. That is where making checklists will become invaluable and will help you to complete each task in full. If you will not incorporate them you are destined for failure.

  6. Fran Klasinski Fran Klasinski says:

    Could not agree more Dale!

  7. Checklists are a business plan that helps keep you on track with your goals.
    You do need a Download a Checklist

  8. Fran Klasinski Fran Klasinski says:

    I see the problem with the link and not sure if it was fixed right but good point
    Bob! By going to the conference scheduler, our readers can take full advantage of
    the daily checklist download, Just in case –

  9. I am a firm believer of utilizing checklists and have been most of my life. I agree very much that they are essential with both organization and productivity. I can recall even as a teen and young adult first starting out writing my goals down and then sometimes finding and old list and thinking about my accomplishments. Checklists are important for business and personal use. I look forward each time to the next post as I know it will be filled with KWALITY information and resources. I like the serious yet humorous way the information is written too, often making me laugh out loud. Having the opportunity to work as team and share information with other business minded individuals is something I really enjoy. I truly believe that Together We Succeed. I find that the Clickaholics traffic exchange and news are both provide valuable and useful tools with excellent ways to keep updated on many of the changes that are occurring.

  10. Fran Klasinski Fran Klasinski says:

    Wow Vicki! Great post!

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