Renewing The Values of Traffic Exchanges

The ‘real secrets‘ and the tips and tricks of using Traffic Exhanges are more the result of personal experiences using them.  Many of them you already know just failed to file away in the importance folder.

All that boring surfing? It does have a direction when you give it proper perspective.

Since Traffic Exchanges are advertising tools, then it stands to reason that your surfing saves you time by keeping you from having to renew your ads manually in order to keep them on top.

It’s a lot easier to assign credits to an existing already placed URL then it is to manually have to keep adding them in other less responsive advertising tools -like safelists, classifieds, ppc etc. etc.  Traffic Exchanges are also free to use to test their credibility.

Since most TEs offer both a free and upgraded version, using them can also  save you costs as well as time.  However, the number of TEs you choose to use should be limited to the measured results your tracking of each one provides.

More than that, you need to create a balance between the TEs you choose to test and the programs, products or services you promote.  Once you know the proven value of active TE members in what you offer, then is the time to consider upgrading.

Responsive members and excellent owner support are paramount to a good surfing experience.

One thing that bothers me about far too many otherwise good TEs is the ones that cover up the lack of perceived value to you as an advertiser, by drowning their members in games and surfing specials that do nothing more than create game players or what I have heard referred to as click-brained.

The WiiFM of a good Traffic Exchange must offer you the experience of being able to use your membership to build your interests.  You will automatically build the interest of the owners by advertising and bringing in new members. That is where the ‘user balance‘ comes into play.

It’s much like the you pat my back and I’ll pat yours exchange of mutual services.  Good Traffic Exchanges will offer you security, server reliability, and a balance of normal credits, banner and text impressions, as well as several good ways within the program to use them.

The new scripts running 10khits4unow and Clickaholics provide an easy 10 ways, or more if you look, to promote your ads. 21stCenturySurf in next on the list to be moved over to the equivalent script so do not pass up what it offers. The LJ script it is currently on is considered one of the best.

Top off the increased click-thru and conversions leverage you get by using
ProTrafficFunnel with these three Traffic Exchanges and you have an unbeatable combination of income producing  strategies.

If you do not understand how they all work in tandem for your benefit,  then do attend our Sunday conferences and you will soon be joining our ever growing list of successful online marketers as we explain and show you the way to get desired results.

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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