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Message Stonesp_015I joined a new program today.  The first thing that struck me is that all the copy in the advertisement, was missing from the site.

Ads are written to attract the eye, engage the mind and convince us to sign on the dotted line. And we do. over and over again.

I keep saying, ‘NO MORE!’ but along comes another one and away
I go.  So my first strategy to set off the second quarter will be to go
over these programs, assess my progress with them then determine
the ones to keep and the ones to close the books on.

If the first quarter of 2015 is a zero period for you, then what I
am doing, you better do.  Those were money months. Each one
earning less and less for sure as the Christmas and New Years
holidays, full of sales and offers, slowly wind down.

Amazing hu? Christmas is in December but the ads start
earlier and earlier and finish later and later into the new year.

Here Comes The Easter Bunny

Are you ready for him? When your kids were little, (or are
little, now). an easter egg hunt  satisfied them.  As they got
older. it was the easter bonnet and a new suit for church.

Easter is the marketing start of the second quarter

Are you read to take it on? Make some small change in what
you are doing, or not doing now, and profit from it?  May be
I will meet you in the bank one day, and we can reminisce
that ‘mind game strategy’ that created our future.

Welcome to our new members.

It is really good to see some of you out there advertising
clickaholics, while many of you are surfing daily. There is
no better way to examine the market that uses Clickaholics

What TOOLS do you see being promoted that will add to
your affiliations? What business are you in? What is your
role? Look for supported answers in the web pages you see

Please watch for mail from your sponsors as this could be
the week of great connections, getting started and
meeting your sponsor.

A quick note to remind you, if you haven’t already, you
can surf 50 pages to collect your sign up bonuses. This
surf also activates your account and puts your sites in

Reminder: You must surf 50 sites every 14 days in
order to keep your account activated.

We have lots of joint surfs for promoholics so that should
not be hard to keep your account active and those super
commissions coming in.

Commission Creating Get ‘er Done List:

Credits, upgrades and different products like square
banners, and specialty packages are a great way for
you to create commission-paying products.

They also help support the viewing of your pages while
you reactivate. Check the BUY Icon for some super
time- saving deals.

Free members earn a lower percentage granted, but
this way is designed to help you find the necessary
monthly dues to pay for an upgrade.

Upgraded members earn a larger percentage per item
and can request payouts on the amounts earned as soon
as they earn the required monthly amount.

Please check the TOS. We pay on time and we pay what
our records show you have earned. Under no circumstance
is a free member paid by requesting a pay out.

Keep a close eye on your account and report any kind of
discrepancy immediately.

Daily Surf Awards Updates

24/3/15 ShaggyDogBiz winners will be posted tomorrow.

Meet Todays Surf Partner(s)

Raring to go? Surfing finger won’t stop dancing?

25/3/15 QuarterlySurf Promo Event

Have you seen the new QuarterlySurf page when
you sign in? Time to catch up?

Clickaholics is pleased to invite you to join in the super
surf along with QuarterlySurf, TexasSizeTraffic and Great

Must surf 125 sites at each TE and claim Surfer Rewards to qualify.
1. 100 credits/500 banners/1000 text links
2. 75 credits/400 banners/ 750 text links
3. 50 credits/300 banners/500 text links
4. 25 credits/200 banners/250 text links

Claim one of the following prizes from Surfer Rewards:
$0.01/10 cr/100 banners/200 text links

Not a member join here:


NOTE:  You must claim Surfer Rewards in order to qualify!
Select Surfer Rewards from your menu and scroll to the bottom
of the page to Special Promo – claim there.


Daily Promocode CAH Weds: QSCahTSTGWH24315

Surf 125 pages to receive: 25 Credits, 150 banners,
300 text impressions and 25 square banners.


Upcoming Surf Events: Upcoming Surfs: See Calendar

27/3/15 Fire-Dragon-Hits
28/3/15 21stCS SuperSaturdaySurf Event

Thank you for supporting our surfs.
Check the CAH calendar for details and prizes.
Mobile user? See bottom of calendar for an easy link.
Weekly Deals on credits and more
You may use commissions where applicable.
SEE Buy Icon

Marketing Resources

Make sure to read and to bookmark the following:
Regular Resource Sites to Bookmark:

10khits4unow Calendar of Events

ViralHost Scheduler:

Cogs & Logs news :

Daily Surf Calendar:

ViralHost FaceBook Fan Page – visit and Give us a LIKE!

Every 100th member earns a prize for like and comment.

Login to Clickaholics

Not a Member sign up here

That’s it for today. You are encouraged to stay on top
of your business. Keep your sites in rotation.
Connect each day,with someone on your subscriber list.
And last but not least, do market for you.
Surf and promote!

Fran Klasinski-warriorladyYour Editor …

Admin: Fran Klasinski-warriorlady,

Wayne Owens

About Wayne Owens

I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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