Packed Conferences Attendees

Packed conference attendees will exhort the power of meeting new people, hearing new information that excites them and renewing their personal desires to new heights. Can you imagine meeting again, the people who helped you so much the last time?  Why they’ve become friends who cared.

The biggest drawback for most marketers is not having the instant cash to pay the way to live events.  Should that mean value conferencing is out of the picture?

Fast forward to online conferencing. Places that become conferencing chat rooms where all the materials of a live conference can still take place.

Value of online conferences

Working online is tough.  The hours can be outrageous if you are not well prepared in both skills and knowledge to accomplish your goals.

This is where attending conferences can become your ticket to saving time, frustration and cutting back on deadly hours of  overkill.

The different speakers, willing to help you get a handle on who you  are, where you are going and the route you may be taking that is killing you, can be a powerful reason for attending conferences.  Why not learn how to cut back on the overwhelm and regain control of your own direction?

Simply a teaching tool?

No, while that is  a good place to start, discovering you have a better insight into some of what you considered problem areas, is a definite plus. Now you  have found a band of like-minded members all going through what you have experienced. Talent will out, just have to test the waters.

Conference Check List

  • plan ahead
  • set realistic expectations
  • write notes during and fill in after conference
  • share your experiences with your prospects
  • create a network of new colleagues
  • talk to people you met at conference afterwards
  • attend the sessions that bring on new ideas
  • stretch your comfort level for real time learning
  • set up an action plan commit to using what you learned

The effect of attending a conference could be as subtle as a change in attitude. By reflecting on and assessing what you learned, the road ahead might end up less bumpy.

Networking, Business Building

Both become the order of the day and go on far beyond one conference.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I have connected with the people in our conferences long after they are over. There are always questions to ask and information to share.

Conferences become your key to relationship building by networking with new people you have just met.  Call it professional development.

Can you think of a better, more invaluable way to build your business than meeting, greeting and sharing the knowledge that can make you the next success story on the net?  You’ll always get a lot more back than you put in.

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  1. Avatar George Culp says:

    What a gem Fran! A ready-made checklist for what you should do at online conferences. Thank you.

    Networking with others allows you to build trust with other like-minded business people; soon turning into all type of possibilities for all parties.

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