Oh Dear Oops Here Comes Traffic Spells

27-225203761Have you ever looked at a page and not noticed you are looking a week in advance? Sheeshh

Todays Surf meet is: The magical swirls of  Traffic Spells.

Clickaholics is pleased to welcome Sharon Bohrer and the gang from Traffic Spells. If you need a spell to cover a blooper, call on the Traffic Spells lol.

Surf 125 at each site and we will add you to rotation and
post the winners.

You MUST Surf both TEs to earn the following Prize list:

$2. Grand Prize and 500 credits – Must be upgraded
or if NOT upgraded 500 credits.
Surf 125 pages at each site

1st 1 week upgrade
if already upgraded will receive 500/800/1000 C/B/T
2nd 75 credits/1000 banners/1500 text
3rd 75 credits/750banners/750text
4th 50 credits/500banners/500text
5th 25 credits/250banners/250text

7/4/15 CAH Promocode: CAHTS1257415

Surfing For Profitable Promoting

When was the last time you took a gander at
your account stats?

You wouldn’t happen to notice what I am seeing,
now would you? A ton of banner and text imps
loading up your on hand advertising credits?

Man, if you converted credits, example, 500 credits,
you would come up with 25,000 text impressions.

Now everyone knows it takes a lot of text impressions
to move ONE text ad. If it has to be seen five to seven
times before there is a click, then how far do you think
that stash of text impressions is going to take you?

Can you think up a text ad – 30 characters in length,
to promote your fav products?

For a TE – conversions grow here
For an ebook – I learnt learned works Best
For Hosting – ViralHost We’ve Got Your Back
or … – ViralHost secure your content

The idea is a problem and a solution rolled into one.
The best solution is to assign those impressions before
someone else steals your thunder!

Regular Resource Sites to Bookmark:

10khits4unow Calendar of Events


Cogs & Logsnews :

Daily Surf Calendar:


ViralHost FaceBook
Fan Page
– visit and Give us a LIKE!


Every 100th member earns a prize for like and comment.

That’s it for today. You are encouraged to stay on top
of your business. Keep your sites in rotation.

Connect each day,with someone on your subscriber list.
And last but not least, do market for you.
Surf and promote!

Till next time …

Fran Klasinski Editor and adminYour Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady,
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing With Finesse

Wayne Owens

About Wayne Owens

I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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