The Lost Skill of Traffic Exchange Use

Are you one of the many  marketers to proclaim in disgust that Traffic Exchanges suck?

Are you also amongst the many who have no real clue as to how to use Traffic Exchanges so they pay off for you?

TIP: There is a invaluable way to get views to your sites without ever having to surf, and that’s to get referrals. If you build your downline by getting others to sign up under your affiliate links, you can get a percentage of every credit they earn.

For the most part, the angst group are those inexperienced marketers who throw up their sales pages fully expecting to make a ton of sales.

Follow that group with the bunch who figure they will make tons of income off their downline members.

That really is not how traffic exchanges [TEs] work or were designed to work.  The concept behind a traffic exchange is simple. You view my site, and I’ll view yours. Traffic Exchanges work on a credit system. In other words, for every site you view you get a credit that you can use to have your site shown to others.

Exposure, personal branding, the right product or service all presented on the right kind of page contribute to the value of the credits you have earned to create the click that follows your call to action.

While most marketers feel they have the full timer seconds of each TE to grab attention, nothing can be farther from the truth.  At the best of times, depending on how many TEs a person is surfing at one time, you are lucky to have four seconds to grab the attention of your viewer.

That time frame of four seconds is exactly why you do not want to submit anything other than a spash page to a Traffic Exchange if you bear the slimmest hope of capturing a subscriber.

It also points out the exact action each user should be taking and that is building your list.

While you need to build a good strong active downline in each TE, you also need to be making a superb value digital offering to your market and get them on your personal contact list.

If 100 people see your splash page offer, you may be lucky if one of them takes your call to action.  What happens to the other 99 viewers?  They are history, lost to any future attempt to have then join you or buy from you or otherwise.

If 100 people see your splash page that offers them something of value they might like to have, chances are a good 56% of them will take you up on that offer.

That appears to be 56 people you can make offers to again and again.  Either building them as subcribers in other TEs or programs you promote, or selling them a product or service they will need.  You become the solution provider to all those people who chose to join your list.   If every subscriber has a basic value of $1 and you have 100s in your downlines, do the math on the monthly income you leave on the table for someone else.

Our 3-Step Simple Strategy program offers you the methodology as to how to use Traffic Exchanges effectively, how to determine which ones to use, and how to build your list in the simplest way.  We provide an auto-responder, a web site builder, training on using these tools, how to build an exciting series of auto-responder mails for follow up all leading to your own personal business plan set up.

Make the lost skill of using Traffic Exchanges a positive skill of discovery that will get you exactly the call to action your promotions ask for.

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Wayne Owens

About Wayne Owens

I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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4 Responses to The Lost Skill of Traffic Exchange Use

  1. Very Good Information.

    Yes lucky if you get 4 seconds for a look.

    Better make it good

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  3. Avatar Wayne Owens says:

    This is a very comprehensive while to the point article. There is so much valuable information here.

    I know because Being a Traffic Exchange Owner and surfer I see pages while surfing and approving sites that actually never show.

    Myself and other Traffic exchange Owners are beginning to delete many sites that are not splash pages simply because they take too long to load.

    Traffic exchanges are “THE” place to start building your list and branding your self. Hence, you are here (or should be here) to sell yourself and not necessarily a product.

  4. Avatar Dale Thomson says:

    When I am surfing in the traffic exchanges I see to many long sales pages, replicated sites promoting a business opportunity. With no thought to the fact of who we are advertising to. In other words the people who are surfing as we are to promoting their pages. Chances are they already have a business opportunity that they are promoting. So why the hell do people sell fish to fisherman? Then they wonder why the are not getting any signups…DUH! One of the other keys to proper utilization of traffic excxhanges is to provide the tools to make their businesses more successful, save them time etc.
    If you do this with a short splash page and a ebook or something free that will help them, you will see your results skyrocket.

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