Traffic & Leads Generation Part II

Capture Leads When They Are Searching Part II

In part I we talked about getting your objections out of the way through to cold calling as a super way to collect leads without selling.

Thus the second question might be “How do you know where they are searching?”

Truthfully, you do not know the exact places.   However, the more you know about your own products/service you are promoting, the more you will automatically know about the kind of hungry lead you are searching for.

Out there on the WWW net there are thousands of directories that deal with every product or service known to mankind.  Do a Google search for the ones you need to learn about.

In fact, since even search engines are highly competitive, why not search in each of these top five –  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL? [Microsoft’s new search engine Bing ]

The top three listed hold the market share of searches. One thing you cannot change too easily is the people’s preferences.  When the people speak, you are a wise person who listens.

This step is where you will find the myriad of places your prospect is searching. Places like the above search engines, forums per product/service company, Web 2.o communities and be sure to check out the very long list of popular list building programs or any ad company. There will be hundreds of thousands of leads in these. Each entry pointing to a specific company that is looking for prospects.  Each ad is placed by a starving marketer in need of prospects.  If his need is the same as yours then he is not competition, but more likely to be a very hungry prospect willing to join you.

Then you are down to the very place that got you started on your Traffic & Leads Generation start – Traffic Exchanges. If you are not having much success with Traffic Exchanges [TEs]then you may need to read and practice Part I and Part II of this series on capturing leads while they are searching to find out exactly what it is you need to change for the better in your TE advertising.

Capture leads with targeted landing pages and smart forms.  Learn the ins and outs using our 3-Step Simple Strategy.

The net does not change as much as the people who use it do. That is where you need to keep your balance. Reasearch. Investigate the claims both wild and sensible so that you are your own person, full aware of your needs and the best way to get them.

Easy? Sometimes, if done the right way. Hard as stones if you cut the learning curve you need to sharpen your wits. And costly in both time and dollars if you allow yourself to be led one time too often.

You never know until you ask.

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    Thanks Admin., for always being there for us!
    If I don’t understand something I can do a Search but knowing
    which way to go is always easier when you have extra heads
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