Rewarding Our Surfing Members – PartIII

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Earlier I mentioned something about Surfer Rewards. So might
as well explain that reward here and now. The link to it is
also on the left-side menu.

If we are not having a joint surf promo that day, all you will
see on that page is an area called Daily Active Surfer Rewards.
There you choose a single prize from the prizes listed for the
specified number of pages you have surfed. This can only be
claimed once per day.

If we are having a joint surf promo, you scroll down below the
Daily Active Surfer Rewards to see an area called Special Promo.

It tells you how much time you have left to complete that promo
and claim a reward. Also shown is the number of pages you must
surf to be able to claim the reward.

Just below that is a listing of the traffic exchange names involved
in the Special Promo along with how many pages you have surfed
so far at each traffic exchange.

NOTE: there is a slight time delay in the display of the number
of pages surfed. So don’t be alarmed if you just got through
surfing say 125 pages at one of the TE’s listed there and Special
Promo shows a lower number. It will “catch up” within a minute
or two.

Finally, at the bottom of the Special Promo area is the listing
of available prizes of which you choose just one. Once you have
have completed the surfing requirement shown for each of the traffic
exchanges listed, instead of saying “Surfed xx Pages” after each
TE name, it will say “Complete”. At that point, you can select
which prize you want.

The vast majority of time (99+%) when you claim the Special Promo
prize, that also qualifies you for a random drawing of even greater
prizes. That information is listed in the “Notes” link shown on
a given date in all our traffic exchange Calendars.

You can go to the Calendar in each TE by clicking on “Promo Calendar”
shown in your menu.

Speaking about the joint surf promo random drawing, the requirement
that you must claim Special Promo Surfer Rewards is a must. So don’t
forget to claim that in EVERY traffic exchange involved in the joint
surf promo.

In choosing who gets what prize in the grand prizes drawing, we have a
list of all the members who claimed Special Promo Surfer Rewards. We
use a randomizer to select x number of members based on the number of
prizes offered in that promo. Then the top member listed gets the top
prize and we work our way down the prize list until all prizes have
been awarded or we run out of members who submitted claims. That’s the
most fair way we know to pick winners.

Then we actually update the winning member’s accounts unless the prize
is a Login Spotlight, Reserved Page or a Start Page. The winning member
is required to submit a support ticket specifying the URL of the web page
they want to use along with a requested date for it to be shown for any
of those items.

This must be done within one week after the prize winners are posted
on the Surf Promo Winners web page. You can view those winners by clicking
on “Surf Promo Win” button on your menu. We notify all members via email
when that web page has been updated. We also put a notice in the 21st
Century Marketing Skype room.

It’s also easy to join our Skype room. Just go to your member’s area Home
page and look for the Skype icon and click on it. It’s that simple!

As our Skype room member, you are always the first to get any updates, announcements,
etc.. Occasionally in our Skype room, we announce a special bonus available only
to our Skype room members. So being a member of our Skype room has its definite

Also in some of our traffic exchanges, you can earn even more prizes by remembering the last site you surfed.  Those prizes add up quickly!

Speaking of games, all our TEs have Viral Traffic Games (VTG) installed so you can
play and win there. Upgraded members get to play more often than Free members!

At 10khits4unow, we are also a member of the VTG Surfing League which offers some
great weekly prizes. You can participate by joining VTG from our Downline Builder
and do the required surfing on the sites specified at the VTG site. Very unique
and profitable for our members.

In Texas Size Traffic, we also award Raffle Tickets while you are surfing.  Be watching for the claim page.  There’s no limit on how many Raffle Tickets you can claim each day.  At the end of the week, the three (3) members with the most raffle tickets win a great prize assortment!

Also, in 21stCenturySurf & Texas Size Traffic, we are host sites for coopmg weekly prize drawing by earning a Top Surfers Award Certificate each day.  Be watching for the claim page while surfing.

Remember, keep a watchful eye for weekly and monthly contests in all our traffic exchanges!

So, in a “nutshell” – LOL, I have tried to tell you about what we offer our members
for their surfing efforts.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t try to write all this in a single blog post!

You are welcome to join any and all our traffic exchanges. They are 10khits4unow.
com,,, and Texassizetraffic.
com. Just click on one of the names shown under “Our Sites” over in the right-hand
column of any of our Traffic Exchange blogs and you will be taken to that traffic

We also own a viral mailer called You are always welcome
to come use our services there to send out your ads. Go to your Downline Builder
to join this great mailer program!

We also own
Read all about how that site can drastically increase the reach of all your ads
without you having to do all the advertising! Go to your Downline Builder to
join right away!

We are also the co-owners of Click on our link over there
under “Our Sites” in any of our Traffic Exchange blogs to browse through all the
hosting options we offer. If you don’t see what you need, we can always customize
a package to fit your own specifications. Click Here to contact us about your specific hosting needs.

Go to your Downline Builder to join Viral Host as hosting customer and/or affiliate.

Finally, Wayne and I would appreciate you taking a look at the services we offer and
encourage you to join any and all our sites if you are not a member, already!

Have a wonderful day!

George Culp
Your Service Needs Provider

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