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Have you often wondered just how many of your ad views are wasted every day?  This will happen all too often when one of your ads is shown to someone who is already a member of that program.

That won’t happen again!  IntelliSplash makes sure you achieve maximum advertising efforts without any additional effort on your part.

If one of your splash pages is to be shown to someone while surfing who is already a member and has logged into that traffic exchange within the past 14 days, IntelliSplash will redirect that member to an alternative advertisement.

The beauty of this is that YOU get to choose the alternative advertisement from your list of sites you are already promoting to members.

At the top of your Affiliate Toolbox page, there is a section called “Maximizing Your Advertising”. There is where you pick the alternative advertisement you want the member to see!

The nice part about this section is you only have to choose a site and click on “Choose Site” from the dropdown list of your advertisements just one time.

Then IntelliSplash takes over if the conditions mentioned above are met and shows your selected advertisement to a member instead of them having to view an ad for something they already belong to!

No wasting of your ad views and your alternative ad just might be something the member has an interest in knowing more about it. A “Win Win” situation for both of you!

That portion by itself is amazing but there is even more!

Now if one of your ads is going to be shown to a member and that member hasn’t logged into that traffic exchange within the past 14 days, IntelliSplash will redirect that member to a secondary alternative page.

That secondary alternative page does its best to entice member to login and surf right away. The member will be offered a 3-hour Surfer JetFuel package with a 3X surf multiplier! However, it is only valid if member clicks on the “Login Here” link on that page.

This benefit applies to the splash pages only – not your Main Affiliate Link. Another reason to be advertising splash pages.

That offer helps get a member who may have forgotten to surf that traffic exchange back to surfing which benefits everyone!

There’s even more…
We offer a daily reward for advertising your traffic exchanges in other locations.

The reward can be earned by promoting the Main Affiliate Link and/or any of that traffic exchange’s splash pages.

The total number of hits to those pages will determine which prize package you receive AND this is repeated daily!

You must get a total of at least 25 hits to win a prize. The more hits your pages receive, the larger the prize package will be AND it will be automatically added to your account every night shortly after midnight Central time.

So, who says it doesn’t pay to promote our traffic exchanges!

To help you see how well you are promoting our site, we display the total number of hits you received yesterday.

This is located on your Member’s Home Page. Just scroll down below the end of the Surf Promo News.

That number is a definite gauge of how well you are promoting that traffic exchange. If the number is small, you should be promoting it even more!

This tool is installed in all the traffic exchanges listed under “Our Sites” on the right side of this page.

I have tried to dispell any concerns and rumors many associate with this tool.  Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how IntelliSplash works to benefit all members – especially you!

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