Understanding Content Marketing For Traffic Exchanges

We teach value content is key but spend a lot of time discussing online optimization then promoting. Whatever the variables, we need to get back to content first.  If the content is not what is wanted, then the rest are of little value to the whole.

LCP, splash pages, web pages of all sorts, your blog entries etc etc etc. all require value content if you are to realize a desired action from your prospects.

Branding you and positioning your business in a competitive market place can take on a whole new meaning, increasing the levels of customer engagement and conversions.

The Tool is Traffic Exchanges

The content should circle around a landing page/squeeze/ to build your list. An irresistible offer that attracts potential customers to finding out about you.

If you do not have your hosting set up, an auto-responder  with a good series of follow up mails, and a back end product to create passive income  then your choices are limited to affiliation through …

A splash page that directs your interested potential prospect to a company sales page.  Call it a join page or an introduction page or whatever you wish to call it, but its job is to sell your prospect on joining.

Golden Content Tip: Know Your Audience

Check out the tweets, facebook shares, highly visited web sites that offer similar products and services like yours, and forums if you have the time, see what kind of content others are offering that keep their sign up ratios high.

Check  out the splash pages available from these high member traffic exchanges you seldom use. Do they know something you need  to know?

Golden Content Tip #2: Dump the Sales Pages

You will not get the signups you are looking for by doing the company’s job. Your job is to attract attention, use inviting copy that gets the click and keep right on promoting that prospect drawing page in as many TEs as you can.

If your time on the net, and in using Traffic Exchanges, has not been all that successful so far, then maybe you need to read this post again and begin by making some major changes to your content marketing strategies.

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3 Responses to Understanding Content Marketing For Traffic Exchanges

  1. You are so right Fran, when I read a blog, I want to learn something
    I don’t already know. I like simple instructions and not a lot of
    links going all over the place. I want to read the information and not
    be directed all over the place so I end up forgetting why I came in the
    first place.

    If I find the blogger is interested in helping me and not just trying to
    get me on their list then I may join their page to get more helpful
    information from the blogger

  2. Avatar Terry Ashley says:

    You always make so much sense. I’ve read your blogs over a period of time, listened to you at the conferences and have learned many things from you. The best advice of all is write everything down and make it simple so others can understand. That is one reason I am trying to break it down to someone that is new to the net and as I go forward, it will get more difficult as time progesses. I have been to sites that it took me to a site that had no reference to what the original site was about. Its time we let others know to keep it simple. Complicated confuses the reader.

  3. Wayne Owens says:

    Good show Terry. The best is always K. I. S. S. – If you want
    someone to get the message then make sure the message
    is clear and to the point.

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