When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

Why would a person close down income producing opportunities when they have been previously receiving consistent checks? Well even sporadic checques can be considered  income in.

Is it scare mongering when the economy is getting even tighter? The stock markets faced two days of steady dropping?

Europe is a mess of civil unrest. The job market in the States is bottoming out. The debt load ceiling has been raised yet the economy shows no signs of moving up?

What about Canadians facing deeper cuts to services because their trading partner the States is in dire straits?

The wicked message here is, putting all your eggs in one basket is bound to give you financial indigestion.

There is no doubt the going is tough. But giving in and giving up is not the solution either.

You still need to live. Gotta eat, pay the rent or mortgage and keep that gas guzzler on the road so can either find work or keep the J.O.B. that you have.

That is one side of the coin. The other is your whole reason for coming on line in the first place.  It WAS to better your lifestyle was it not? To create replacement income to cover the dwindling security of that J.O.B.?

Haven’t met too many quitters that managed that, have you?

While the economy may be a wee bit out of our league to fix, what we do online is right in our ability to control. At least the actions we tighten up and increase.  The time we spend a  lot wiser, and the actions we take to fit who we are, where we intend to be and the help we turn to that will make it all happen because you do need that support.

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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1 Response to When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

  1. Avatar Chris Klasinski says:

    A person who has an income from anyplace can not afford in this type of economy to throw them away.

    Instead one should endeavor to expand those that are bring in any amount of funds and then look to others that can add to those that are already coming in.

    It is these “little streams” of income that can add up to a small river of income or something that is even larger.

    One that with enough effort can replace that J.O.B.

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