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Rewarding Our Surfing Members – PartIII

Read PartI Read PartII Earlier I mentioned something about Surfer Rewards. So might as well explain that reward here and now. The link to it is also on the left-side menu. If we are not having a joint surf promo … Continue reading

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Are You A Referrals Worse Nightmare?

Suppose you saw an ad for a great job you have always wanted. You draw up what you hope is a professional resume complete with a covering letter, send it off and wait. And wait. And wait.  You will probably … Continue reading

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CAH-Clickaholics Holiday Spectacular Referral Contest Winners

What a glorious way to end 2010 by announcing the winners of the CAH -Clickaholics Referral Contest. [See our Newsletters for more info.] Happy New year! CAH Referral Competition ID     Name     Referred 30962     Fran Klasinski     9 … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce to Our Success

“We are learning anew how fully committed the universe has been for its entire fourteen billion years of existence to creativity. Stars do it; galaxies do it; atoms do it; mountains do it; animals do it; grasses do it. All … Continue reading

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